Bliss 1x8

In Praise of Drunkeness and Fornication

(From Showcase) Alice and Bob (Gina Wilkinson, Frank Schorpion), a middle-aged couple, host a Saturday night dinner party for their friends. John and Wendy (Paul Hopkins, Mitsou Gelinas), Leah and Jack (Peggy Mahon, Daniel Pilon) turn up as scheduled and, initially there is lively conversation and a few good laughs.

As the gluttonous evening wears on, everyone becomes well lubricated with drink. Sparks begin to fly, as Alice eyes John with smoldering interest and Bob attempts to flirt lasciviously with Wendy. Intimidated by the tone and theme of the evening, Wendy convinces a reluctant John to leave. The whiskey continues to flow and Alice and Jack eventually dance their way into one another’s arms… only to be caught in the ensuing act by Bob.

Initial shock is transformed into excitement, with Bob involving Leah in some celebrating of his own. For the participants, it’s a night of playful passion to rejuvenate their souls.

Apr 18, 2002

Bliss season 1